Endurance Innovation 97 – Bruce Rogers with Updates to DFA a1 Analysis and Garmin Metrics

Endurance Innovation 97 – Bruce Rogers with Updates to DFA a1 Analysis and Garmin Metrics

HRV DFA a1 superstar Bruce Rogers is back with a couple of important updates, answers to listener questions, and a critical look at Garmin’s performance metrics.

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  • 1:00 Have a listen to our first chat with Bruce Rogers
  • 3:00 ANT+ vs Bluetooth connection options in performing DFA a1 analysis
  • 10:15 which brands / models of HR straps can be used for the a1 HRV analysis
  • 14:30 what happens to a1 over long exercise bouts and how does it correlate to HR drift?
  • 22:30 are my results in using DFA a1 to assess AeT in running that produce a surprising slow result valid?
  • 32:00 the accuracy and utility of metrics and training advice provided by modern wearables
  • 33:00 how accurate is Garmin’s estimate of VO2max?
  • 40:00 how accurate is their measurement of respiratory rate?
  • 40:30 ‘Performance Condition’
  • 44:45 is it accurate and reliable? Is it useful?
  • 46:45 Andrew comes to Garmin’s rescue
  • 56:00 the future of HRV-derived measurements and metrics

Want to pause your Garmin’s reporting of your ‘training status’? I think you should. Here’s the link. And for another conversation on the utility of the plethora of training metrics, have a listen to our last conversation with Mikael Eriksson.

  • youpmelone
    Posted at 06:34h, 09 April Reply

    The shout out to Marco: Yes! we need a datafield.

    @Bruce: Thx for your work, post and tweets.
    did you do the the test with sufficient cooling to the head, imho the head cooling is crucial and more important than the cooling of the room and fan to the body.

    • Michael Liberzon
      Posted at 20:18h, 09 April Reply

      Thank you for the note! I’ve spoken with Marco and he has some reservations about a CIQ field. Happy to fill you in if you want to send me a note on his reasons for it.

      I’ll touch back with Bruce re head cooling and will be doing my own tests with thermal stress and DFA a1 in the near future, which we will cover on the show. Thanks for listening!

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