How to Salvage your Workout – a Flowchart

How to Salvage your Workout – a Flowchart

If you consider yourself someone who trains rather than someone who exercises, you have no doubt had a workout go sideways. Maybe you’re sick, or your girlfriend dumped you, or your kid was up all night with the projectile vomits (true story), or your boss is sadist with no respect for your training needs, or maybe you just really need spring to get it’s vernal ass in gear and favour you with half-decent outdoor training weather.

This is not a post about the reasons why workouts go sideways. This is a (mostly serious) post about the steps to take when they do so you don’t need to pull a Marcel Kittel on your bike.

With luck, you’ve arrived at the ‘WORKOUT RESCUED’ balloon. You’re (probably) welcome.

Happy Training!

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