The Coach Consulting Pilot Project

The Coach Consulting Pilot Project

I’m at capacity for coached multisport athletes for 2019. It feels good to say that. That’s due in large part to the fact that I scaled that capacity from north of 30 in 2018 to just 20 this year. This was my double-down on quality of service that I talked about in an earlier post.

So, with fewer coached athletes on the roster and fewer in-person classes with the Lab closed, I have time to experiment. Consulting was always a part of X3 service offering, but it was a very small piece of the pie. Now taking a page from my coaching mentor Tilbury-Davis, I am offering formal consulting services to self-coached endurance athletes.

What is coach consulting?

Consulting differs from full, hands-on coaching in the level of my involvement. In my role as a coach, I write training plans, I review workouts to ensure they’re being correctly executed, I speak with the athlete regularly to keep them on track and to make modifications to the plan when they are required.
In a consulting role, I will advise the athlete on how to best achieve their individual needs, but it is up to them to craft the day-to-day training plan and make sure that they stick to it.

How does it work?

  • You write the plan
  • You follow the plan
  • We speak twice each month to ensure you’re on track
  • I help with race prep for one race each quarter

Who is it for?

I’m looking for two or three motivated, self-coached multisport or single sport (bike or run) athletes to help me shake out the concept. The ideal candidate is interested in creating his or her own plan and is looking for guidance to ensure that the plan and their execution maps onto their performance goals and their life circumstances
You’ll get the service at a discounted price of $100 per month.


Get in touch with questions or to express interest.

Happy training!

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