Endurance Innovation 92 – Paul Laursen and Athletica

Endurance Innovation 92 – Paul Laursen and Athletica

Friend of the show, Paul Laursen is back to tell the story of his recently-released a AI-assisted coaching platform Athletica.

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  • 3:00 why does the world need an AI-assisted coaching platform?
  • 8:00 how machine learning may be useful in designing optimal training prescriptions
  • 10:00 the Athletica outputs
  • 11:30 the future human coach assistant functionality
  • 12:00 how do you change the plan when things go off plan?
  • 17:15 how does Athletica quantify load?
  • 23:30 Athletica’s plans for subjective inputs
  • 24:45 using past training and associated race results as inputs
  • 26:15 optimizing taper
  • 30:30 the target demographic: calling all endurance nerds!
  • 33:30 the plan for Athletica’s interaction with human coaches
  • 38:15 what does Athletica’s output look and feel like?
  • 41:45 the 6 – 12 month development roadmap
  • 42:45 race time prediction functionality
  • 51:45 Paul is a fan of the HRV DFA Alpha 1 AeT analysis

Head to the Athletica website to get your name on the waitlist. You can also follow the team on Instagram and Twitter. And don’t forget to check out HIIT Science to get a deeper understanding of the physiological underpinnings for Athletica’s algorithms.

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